washing your brushes

by Sheena

Don't wash your brushes in the sink. Acrylic paint clogs the drains. Thanks for your great site.


(Good point. It's always best to clean excess paint from the brush with kitchen towel before you rinse it.)


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cleaning brushes
by: Anonymous

I've used a product called AWESOME that can be found in most Dollar stores to clean my house painting brushes and found it also works really well on my art brushes. A cheap way to get that paint out of the base of your brush.

Brush Washing
by: Tom

I've found the best results by using a "brush washer" to remove the majority of the paint and then I wash with soap and water by hand. Yes, I use the sink, however, all I put down the drain is colored water.

by: kitacrylics

Thanks for reading.

I've found that when I'm priming the paper with a water-wash (ie water on paper, then acrylics, or water and acrylic mixed on the palette then applied) it bevels and loses its tautness.

I always mask the acrylics paper well to the board, but maybe not well enough; at the moment I'm using 2.5cm masking. Would it be better to use a thicker width, or maybe gum paper?

Washing Brushes
by: Hobo

I have clogged my drains more than once I find washing the brushes is not bad if you rinse them first in a cup but i do use a piece of tempered glass as a pallet and clean it with a razor blade once the paint drys such an easy clean up

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