volendaam, amsterdam.

by tony

Trying to get my head around different lighting techniques and stuff, but I'm finding it is difficult making my painting interesting... any thoughts?

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you may think...
by: Gabby - UK

..it needs improvement, but I think it is just perfect!!! I am there and breathe in the fresh air. Beautiful painting. It is ALIVE.

by: Mops

Hi Tony:
I think your painting is very interesting. Great negative shapes, lighting on sky and trees. I think the white areas on the bottom left take the eye away from the painting.....don't seem to belong. Just my thought. Really like it.

Volendam, Amsterdam
by: Angeline, the Netherlands

Hi again,

This is Holland, who else can judge it better than I do. I live 30 km. from Amsterdam.

If you want to make it more interesting, perhaps add a windmill at the horizon, or some daisies or other flowers along the ditch side, but I think it is not really necessairy, it's nice already.


by: Puppy

Wow Tony.Your distance and light are great.If you painted the very bright light pointed into the scene and not quite touch the bottom of edge of your canvas it would draw the eye into the painting.Great job otherwise!

Good effort

You talk about lighting, what I see in this piece of work is the light/sun coming from the right of the picture. This is done beautifully in that the suns glow reflects on the the right of the trees and on the snow on the ground. However, it appears to be a planet with two suns, note the setting sun in the background on the left and its reflection coming across the grass towards the trees. Other than that Tony, this is a very nice piece of work, well done.

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