Varnish in Oil Painting

by Steven

The use of varnish can be a very good thing in an oil painting and canvas as it can keep the surface intact and safe from cracking.

The oil painting needs special care from moisture as it is easily absorbed into the wood and fabric.

Too much heat can change the size of the oil painting and may cause the canvas to sag.

Lighting can also have its effect on the oil painting and canvas. You should keep the oil painting where harsh rays of the sunlight may not reach.

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Nov 29, 2011
Spray varnishes for oil pictures
by: JJ

Please be aware that some spray varnishes can leave little globs of unmixed varnish on canvass when spraying. I got a Krylon can of Satin spray today and nearly ruined a painting. There were these little specks of clotted varnish. I couldn't get them off with turps either. So I painted over them with new colors. Very disgusted. !!!! Not ruined, but not a smooth finish.

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