Unexcepted Wind - Oil on Canvas

by Syeda Afrukhtah

Unexcepted Wind

Unexcepted Wind

1.I have Used Oil .

2.I have used Canvas.
3.20x30 inches
4.I Like indipandenc and that I want to Show in my painting.Libration war of My country(Bangladesh) is my inspiration.
5.To show the freedom from discrimination and torture.
6.Effect of the sorce.

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Very Good
by: Marianne

Dear Syeda,

Your painting is beautifully done. A lot of symbolism and emotion is there; books which represent learning and knowledge, vase of flowers which may represent the hope of beauty even in war-torn times, the opened windows which may represent the need to "breath"and also an openness, the wind coming in unexpectedly reminds me of the spirit of freedom blowing in - that welcomed, yearned for, yet frightening guest.

Keep painting and expressing your soul - Good work!


Good, Very Good
by: Karla

I especially like the shading on the window ledge. The book is great! Great work. Karla USA

Your goal
by: Jeannie

I can SEE the fluttered pages...one all but torn...and the billowing curtain from the winds. Good job!

Nice highlights on the bars, too.

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