Tips when using Acrylics

by Francis

To preserve your brushes use a straw cut into different lengths, use to store brushes. To clean brushes when using acrylics use washing up liquid. To clean plastic pallet: cover in water, sprinkle washing powder over the surface water. Leave overnight. In the morning the paint will wash off easily. Another tip is to keep plastic trays from individual cake packaging and throw these away when finished painting.

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Very cheap Stay Wet Pallet
by: Charlie B

I use a flat sweet (candy) container free from a shop and put a thin sponge in the base with a piece of grease proof paper on top. With a little water on the sponge and the lid firmly on the paint stays usable for many days. It is sturdier than some of the 'Stay Wet' pallets I have seen in the shops and is virtually free. Baking parchment or paper is nearly as good as the 'special' membranes sold for the commercial versions.

An idiea to conserve leftover pints
by: Anonymous

I have found that using those small ketchup/mayonnaise containers with the lids you get from any fast food places, I mix my colors in them, I can take a break, long or short, pop on the lid and they will last for ages and also those small bottles of shampoo from hotels are great for bigger quantities.
Happy painting everyone.

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