Then, She Found Warmth

by Nathaniel Weissman
(Ewa Beach, HI, USA)

This piece is one in about 13 failed in watercolor on an 8"x10", 90lb c/p unstretched. To describe in vision, "cold-meets-warm". The painting stands for a woman who's life was anything but simple and very depressing until she met the man who would change her life and bring warmth to once a cold and needing heart. The butterfly simbolizes this in a light purple, blue with an almost matching sliver of sky.

While the flower (the man) is of yellow and orange, orange/red. I found this rather difficult in being so only a few months new to painting and especially finding watercolor to be much more difficult as it bleeds so freely. At the time, I found out on my own it makes it just so much easier to wait for it to dry before adding the next color but then found the colors to fade.

Also only having two brushes at the time (Winsor rigger no.2 and an old shader no.2)... I was pleased to have finally kept the warm and cold apart and from creating mudd. But I notice the butterfly captured in the center creating to much attention. Not until I watched demonstrations and Bob online (thank you) did I understand different brushes and technique and still so much to learn. Its been much help and much more exiting to finish my next piece!!

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by: Mary

a lovely concept ... the butterfly is nicely done . try , with the flower try to use the 'bleeding quality' of watercolors . For me this is what I love most about them . Just wet the paper and place a well loaded brush of paint on it have some control by tilting the paper .

I'll be submitting a flower where I used this technigue as I'm not sure how to finish the background ..perhaps you could help me with that .

I would move the butterfly over to give space for the flower . Maru

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