The Second at Race Brook

by Guy
(West Haven, CT)

This is the par-3 2nd hole at my golf club in Connecticut, done from a photograph I took in early fall. I've only been painting a short time, and this piece reveals a couple areas where I have a bit of aptitude, and several that are quite poor.

The sky, clouds and trees are passable for a novice. I learned the techniques from watching a few instructional DVDs. The water is an ongoing headache for me and I'm having a devil of a time making it look wet and even remotely realistic. The swan and birds in the water, and the rocks surrounding the peninsula in the foreground aren't so hot, either, though heaven knows I tried mightily. I'm wide open for any tips you might share and would appreciate them greatly.



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by: Mary

i agree with the others ...especially about not recreating a photograph..they are inspirations and general guide lines . I find mine on Google .

you have a creative gift so keep on keeping on . Looking forward to your next painting .

Water, water
by: Martin

I would suggest that you are not trying to reproduce a photograph of your golf course; you already have a photograph. What you are trying to do with your painting is give the viewer enough for them to see it for themself. Don't try to paint highly detailed water, just "suggest" the water. Look at paintings by such greats as Winslow Homer - try one called Salt Kettle, Bermuda - and see how the water is "suggested" by fluid strokes echoing the scene and sky around him. Notice how pale most of the colours in the water are, and notice how a highlight and a dark sweep together "suggest" a ripple on the bay.

You have made a fine start and I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. And always remember that your first objective is to enjoy your painting.

A few tips
by: Dorothy , Carluke

Hi Guy,

I think you have done a really good job here considering you have not been painting for long.
I think the trees and clouds are great and I like the water despite your misgivings about it.

However, it looks as though your waterline is running uphill so a little tweek here with the perspective would improve your work.

The foreground grass and the far grass is the same tone. Try to tone down the far away grass, sometimes a blue wash over this area can work.

Try blanking out the foreground of your painting by holding a piece of paper over the screen to hide the peninsula and you will see a difference.

Hope you don't mind my comments they are just my thoughts,



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