The Rider

by Arlene

When I saw Laura and Oscar in Bob's gallery I knew I had to share one of my latest paintings which is similar. When I was younger I rode a lot and did some jumping and dressage. I watched the jumping circuit's news and members.

Thinking of this I tried to paint my first "action" painting which I've called The Rider. Although he's there I most wanted the focal point to be the neck of the horse. It is a thing of such grace and power. I hope you see that. Your comments are very welcome.

In case you wonder about the lighting and dark background I should add that this was done from my remembrance of indoor or arena jumping competitions.

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by: Mary

your 1st action painting and from memory .I used to ride (summer ranch jobs as a teen) but never jumped . So with this total lack of experience it looks like the horse may or may not clear the jump . I love horses ,they are special beings of grace , power , love and intellegence .

by: Karla

I always paint from memory and imagination! I think, this is very good, especially the horse.
Great Job,
Karla USA

by: Anonymous

fab painting horses are very hard to paint well done irene ann

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