The Child

by Mary Fraser

I first used watercolors ..very light greys then charcoal . I'm not entirly pleased with it but "I am a work in progress" . It shows growth since the last time I did it ... that to me is all that matters.

I have lifted all the charcoal I can so the face is smudgy

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by: Anonymous

Hi Mary,

I like the doleful expression you have managed to capture but the eyes do need some work. The classic measurement for drawing eyes is that the space between the eyes should be equal to one eye's width. Try to bring the eyelid to the corner in a gentler curve. Look at your own eye in the mirror and you will notice that there is a little area right in the corner I think this is where the tear duct lies. Anyhow I'm not a medic so I could be wrong but I say work on the eyes making them level and putting in the little bit in the corner and you'll see a big difference. Also remember that the eye is an orb so shade appropriately.

Enjoy the time you spend painting for that is what it is all about.

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