by Grant
(Ahlden, Germany)

My First Portrait

My First Portrait


After seeing a small tutorial online about drawing portraits I decide to try my hand at drawing my 5 year old daughter Tatjana from a recent school (kindergarten) photo (which I have pasted in the corner for comparison purposes. Hopefully it isnt too small for you to see).

I used a couple of everyday pencils (B & HB) and a sheet of normal A4(210mm x 295mm) paper from my printer. It took me about just under an hour to complete.

I am unhappy with the mouth as this really was the sticking point...sooo difficult! But on the other hand even though the eyes are a little too big in comparison to the rest of the face, I think I managed to capture the look quite well.

If I was to do this again the biggest change I would make, would be to draw it at a sensible time of the day and not at 11:30PM when I was very tired after watching online tutorials for most of the evening. I must admit that towards the end I was rushing to get it finished so I could go to bed.

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by: Puppy

Hi Grant.This is very good for your first attempt.She is a very pretty little girl.

by: Mops

Nice portrait Grant, especially as it's your first.
I think if you made some of the darks around the right side of her face a little darker the face would really "pop". Just my thought :o)

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