Table for two - Acrylic on mixed media paper

by Lavanya

Table for Two

Table for Two

Medium: Acrylic paint

Surface: Mixed media paper used for acrylics which has the canvas texture.

Size: 12 inch by 9 inch paper and art work is approx. 10 x 8

I always wanted to draw a scenery with mountains. I browsed the internet for such scenes and I selected this picture esp to take the challenge of bringing in the reflections of the mountains on the water. I just had just 6 basic colors and tried to bring the maximum blend i could do out of it.

I love all the view behind the dining place. Though i am not happy with my chairs.

If i had to do this picture again I would have try to improve my work on the chair,table and floor.

Reason for naming it as "Table for Two" :
I named it as "table for two" because the whole place looks like a private space for a couple or lovers... the place is so calm and pleasing... where they could relax and share a lot about themselves.

Few questions to help me bring the artist out of me:
I would like to know What interests you about this art? Where do u think I should concentrate more?
What do you think about the caption "Table for Two"? If given a chance, What caption would you give? And finally in a scale of 10 where would you rate me.

Your comments are very important to me.

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Table for Two
by: Mops

Hi Lavanya:
What a pleasing composition.I find that the dark rock top right takes my eye away from the charming balcony scene. A little shading on it like the rock on the left would help that. I use masking tape to keep the horizon line straight and the blue could be a little darker here. Love your chairs, but wonder if the table should be more oval shaped.
Having said all that I'd be very happy to hang your painting on my wall.

Very Nice
by: Francie

You did a very nice job on this painting...Love it!

Keep at it.


Good Job
by: Karla

With only a few select colors...your color blends are great. I love the wine bottle and glasses, they look good. Your sky is really nice. I agree you need work on the table and chairs. Maybe work on some more variey of color and shading on your mountains. But overall it has alot of talent and potential. Great Job, Karla USA

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