Sunny Derwentwater

by gordon stead

sunny derwentwater

sunny derwentwater

This is my very first painting in oil.It was a bit scary to start with but it seemed to get better as i got into the swing of it. I dont know about the colours though , it seems a bit blue to me.I used a canvas board for my painting 10 x 14 inch.

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Great first timer
by: Jill

You did a great job! Derwentwater... as in the colored pencils (lol probably not but I'm sorry I don't know), or a place?

by: Dee

I think you did a great job, for your first oil, you have a good eye, keep painting. I am also a novice, there is always something to learn and that is what I love about painting, everybody has their own technique, and there is always something to learn. I would like very much, if you would check my work.


lotsa of blue
by: Geri

I agree a little too much blue.
I like your coulds and the hills and trees in the back ground are very nice, I think you did the distant great. I love piers this one would have been better if it had been longer. I also like the way your rocks cast a shadow on the water.

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