Steady Girl.

by Jonathan Clarke
(Yorkshire, u.k)

This is my first attempt at adding colour to my drawing with watercolour. I did this because my other two submissions were drawings finished in coloured pencil, and I feel they appeared rather wishy washy and fail to stand out. Any way now after this effort I think I shall go and hide under a rock.

It has been completed on very cheap 14"x10" 180gms watercolour paper and believe me it takes a brave man to submit an effort like this.

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take it easy
by: owen.j

i can not see much that needs changing,i would have colord a few more bricks and the ground and the man,and i think you would be surprised.dont be afraid of trying things in art it just holds you back,be bold.i think its great.keep it up.cheers owen.j.

by: Mary Fraser

welcome to watercolors be bold , outrageous and have fun ..i have a few exercises i do . on cheep 44x60 drawing paper (which the art supply store cuts in half) I do quick sketches and the play with color . I also ..if I've done a good sketch on my 300 gram paper I either scan it or take a photo and print out copies on plain printer paper . I work guickly and go for my 1st gut feeling . Paynes grey make a wonderful object shadow giving them depth . I also use a VERY light corilean blue wash to place my shadows then paint over it .


Good work
by: Dorothy Carluke

Yooohoo Johnathon come out from under the rock!

Your being too hard on yourself. Look at the shine you have managed to achieve on the horse this is lovely and so is her muscle definition.

The groom could be strengthed a touch and perhaps the background but I think you have done well and should be proud of this.

Keep on painting your doing well.



light against dark
by: Anonymous

you are progressing well nothing to be ashamed of here, good dark horse but you need some darks behind the horses white fetlocks, and the mans clothes should be darker because of the pale building behind him

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