Sock it to me Punch

by Shiree
(Hillsboro, OR USA)

Acrylic on canvas 20x48. I was inspired to try the real acrylics {not the cheap ones from a hobby and craft store}. The colors are so vivid, bold, and very inviting. So $100 buck later this is what came to be, "Sock it to me Punch". This title came to me because all the colours on the canvas looked like a big pitcher of fruit punch, and I added a pitcher on the side.

I was most challenged by trying to make the pitcher noticeable but yet unnoticeable at the same time. My other challenge was keeping the acrylic from drying so fast on the canvas. I would go for a second coat and the paint would buckle and thicken up. Ugg!

Things that I would do differently would be to try and make the pitcher blend in and the handle a little bigger or an odd shape so you don't notice it right off. Overall I do enjoy the outcome.
Any comments, suggestions, or even tips on this are VERY welcomed.

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Great colors!
by: Jill

These colors look good enough to drink!

Great Colors
by: Suzie, U.S.A.

The colors make me happy. This looks like an Abstract Lady holding the pitcher. Great painting!

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