Slapping wet paper to a board

by Lorenz

Instead of tacking watercolor paper to a painting board or similar, a lazy method may be useful, esp. for wet in wet: Just slap the wet paper onto a smooth board or similar, take away the excess water by slightly rubbing a moist sponge over it and start painting.

I use a plastic drawer which has survived some old office furniture (See picture). It is light-weight and has a nice rim around so that the excess water won't drip on the carpet. When the paper finally comes off in the drying process (after 1/2 hour or longer), it tends to dry relatively even. I have heard of someone using a baking tray for the same purpose.

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Another idea
by: Dave C

I found some really nice trays at Dick Blick that seem to be made-to-order for watercolors. These are white, plastic trays that are advertised tfor kids to do finger painting in. I bought two different sizes for different size watercolor papers and they work great.

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