Shadow Play (Wayang Kulit)

by Alvin Phua

11" X 15" This is a simple watercolor- elementary i would say (lol). My idea of depicting the shadow puppet didn't work so well. Shadow Play depicts a traditional puppet used in South-East Asia e.g. Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

The puppet is used to cast shadows on a screen usually a white cloth. The spectator will be on the other side viewing the shadows created by these puppets. The name 'Wayang Kulit' is the Malaysian name for the shadow puppet translated as 'wayang' means show/play and 'kulit' means leather/animal hide because it's made from cow hide.

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shadow play
by: john

Hi, I love the colours in the background, exactly what I am trying to achieve. Learning to water paint once again after a 15 year gap and an accident, I have lost a considerable amount of memory and my techniques........would you please please tell this old guy how you achieved those gorgeouse blends of colour?......bearing in mind I want to do it on A3 sheet....and am slow painting due to disabilities

Your help would be appreciated

Warm regards

Shadow Puppet
by: Megan Watson

It's very unusual... unique. I think it's fabulous!

by: Dezi

I love the color in this picture! I think that you did a beautiful job on it! The lines are very sharp and clear. Great job! Keep going!

Shadow Play
by: Mops

Hi Alvin:
Well now...isn't that interesting!Looks as if you've used wet on wet very successfully in your painting and the colours are very pleasant to the eye. This would be very suitable on a wall where the decor is mainly Chinese, but must admit that it wouldn't suit my fuddy-duddy decor:o)

How about making it a plain shadow?
by: Todd

Just an idea...I see contrasts between the bright cotton candy clouds for a backdrop or screen with the sudden appearance of a sinister entity enshrouded in darkness. Hmmmh...Better check on the kids! :)

dear todd
by: Alvin Phua

maybe a black shadow will look good too on the bright background.

my original idea to have a multicolor wet-on-wet so that it will pick interest on the viewer to take a longer look due to the 'abstract' color mixture compared to the amount of attention a black shadow could hold- just my opinion when i started this painting...

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