by Balaji

This is my third watercolour attempt and my second post here. The last time I posted I received some very good advice for which I am grateful.

The subject of this painting is a South Indian Temple which is usually accompanied by a ceremonial water tank. I had visited this particular temple several years ago and I used a photograph I had taken then as my reference. However, in reality there are some modern structures near this temple wall and the water is enclosed by a plastered and painted wall. I used "an artist's license" to ignore all that and also to relocate some trees to get a serene effect.

This time I have used a heavier paper, Arches Aquarelle 140 lb cold press watercolour paper. The painting is approximately 9" x 12".

I am happy with the overall result, and with the water and reflection in particular. I am not quite happy with the temple entrance which I think I have overworked.

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too bright!
by: Anonymous

Good show on the whole.
Used to seeing water colour used more lightly.. and have always held successful water colour artists in awe.
You have captured the richness of the scene but I think some parts being more washed out could highlight some darker sections better.. the overall effect is a bit too bright like a poster colour job?
Sorry for being critical.. but that's what wives are for!

Impressionist painting of an Indian temple
by: Lakshmi Narayanan

Congratulations on the painting displayed for our viewing.
It is very good and attractive at the first glance. However I have the following comments to make after looking deeply into it :

I used to prefer painting from photos as we don't have the luxury of painting at any time of the day as the great artists like Monet and Cezanne did! This is the next best thing. I love Impressionist work, and like your imagination and colour. The water in the front, as well as the tree in the left are well blended to the picture. But I don't like the tree on the right hand side. Perhaps, the temple could be little bit more imposing than it is now.

I like the overall effect. Thanks for giving this opportunity to view your painting. Good luck!

by: Nrithya

Hi Balaji Athan!!!

This is fantastic..your talent is truly amazing. This is the first watercolor of yours that I've seen and wow!!!

from a novice's perspective- love the tree & reflection on the left. Not too sure about the right. The 2 bushes/small trees(?) in front of the wall and the tree behind the wall make the right side a bit busy and takes the eye away from the temple itself....

Do keep us posted on more.....a good stress relief amidst our busy lives!!!


by: Mary Fraser

nicely done ...especially the water and reflections . My only suggestion would be to make the temple larger(as it is the focal point) is a beautiful place and deserves to be seen .

I too 'take poetic licence'..the trees are much more in tune than modren buildings would be . If you wanted that kind of accuracy a photo can capture it .

by: Dorothy , Carluke

Hello Balaji,

Again I like your picture and figures in a landscape is a good idea.

There is only one tiny suggestion I would make to you. The upper part of the tree on the right hand side looks as though it is floating and is detached from the lower part, perhaps if you just suggested the trunk of the tree and a few branches it would tie it all together.



by: Nils Johan

I like the sky and the temple very much. Nice.
I'd like to coment on the reflections in the water though. They seem to be wrong to me. If you imagine yourself standing on the shoreline in your painting looking at the water, you will be reflected in full. But if you start walking back from the shoreline less and less of you will be reflected. A book on perspectiv and reflections by Ray Campbell Smith was very helpfull to me. Keep it up!

by: Linda Prem Kumar(India)

Hi Balaji, painting is fabulous. you have captured the reflection beautifully.

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