Saving Tube Paints

by Ronnie

Having trouble getting the top off a tube of paint because paint has dried on the thread? Try holding the top under running hot water for a few minutes - it will soon undo.

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And when this isn't enough
by: Robynn Bryar

Recently I found that my oldest paints had dried solid in the tube, getting the lid off was useless. I cut a the top of the tube off and I sliced the bottom of the tube off then I slit the metal tube with my knife and peeled it back. The paint inside ranged from sticky like taffy to hard dry like a sucker. But now that the it was open I could shape the sticky paint into a blob and let it dry. The paints can now be used by adding water to reconstitute.

Tube tops.
by: Anonymous

Also, wet a small brush and run it around the edge of the top while holding the tube over your pallete. As the paint softens, the pallette will catch the drips and these can be used. The top will loosen. I also dip the top in water and use a brush to get the surplus off, this paint can also then be used.

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