Romantic Trip

by Irene Ann

This is my neice and her boyfriend. All input welcome. Irene Ann.

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by: Mary

you are such a neat person ..I love the images that inspire you to paint . I can 'feel' and remember how I felt when 1st in love . Thanks for that .

The young man and your niece need shadows ..these can be where folds would be in the clothing and to suggest contour . I use a very light grey , cadinum blue or the color of what I am putting a shadow on . Shadows cast by objects are dark near the object and fade into nothing .Try putting what is in the painting on a white paper and with a desk lamp see where and how the shadows fall . I find this exersise helps me . Looking forward to your next painting . Mary

Great feel
by: Audrey

Really nice feel to your painting. Love it!

A mixed bag
by: Balaji

I like the upper two-thirds of the painting, but I think you could have avoided casting a shadow of the girl.

I think the lower portion is too bright, and the scale of the objects in that portion is disconcerting. Also, if the deck of the boat is lit, the shadows of the objects on it would be cast by the light source on the boat, and therefore away from us.

However, on the whole it is an appealing painting.

by: Anonymous

Not realistic not quite abstract enough

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