Red Sky At Night Shepherd's Delight

by Alan (crushablepops) to my computer friend's
(Reading UK )

Hi I've just started to paint after watching Bob's videos. I'm using Bockingford 140lb (300 g/m2) acid free watercolour paper 10" X 14" This is my very first painting ever I've looked at book's which I must say was not much help but after I watched bob's video's I though I'd give it a go.

There was no drawing's no line's. I just put paint on the brush and started to paint. The painting was done on the 1/12/2007 I wanted something bright with water in it and that was that as I painted new ideas came to mind so on went the paint.

Colour after colour was put to paper and this is what I ended up with. I would have liked the tree's to have been brighter but that's what happened and that's how it stayed. I would like your comment's on this painting as it's my first try - many thank's

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by: Dezi

This picture is so beautiful that it makes me want to go there! I love the definition in your trees! Not too much and not too little, just perfect in every way.

by: Mary

welcome to watercolors ...and do continue with your art . my main concern is that I don't know where to look . i would recommend preliminary sketches with a focal point . ie make one thing more important than anything else and 'lead' us to it .

sorry i'm not explaining the well and I'm not sure if Bob has a video on this .

you are an artist .. hope we see more .

Red Sky
by: Dorothy , Carluke

Hi Alan,

Well done on turning out such a great first painting.

I think your trees are fine but I would have liked to have seen the blue of the sky and the red merge more into one another with no definate line and also the red on the horizon faded out more but despite these small things you have done a great job.

Keep painting you have found yourself a great hobby.



Red sky
by: Angeline (the Netherlands)

Hi Alan,

As this is your very first painting, I'm impressed.

Perhaps next time you could blend the blue and red sky a litte more, now there is a straight line between these two colours.

The only advice I can give to you is:
I hope you enjoy it and that we can admire more of your paintings in the future.


red sky
by: dave

I like it but i think thetwo trees in the foreground are to powerful .

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