Potrait of a Mare

by Todd

Surface-Canson sketch pad, 65 lb. paper,

Medium-Graphite - HB, approx. 3B
Size - 2x4 inch sketch. Inspiration - Excercise at Drawspace.com Challenges - I worked from a photo on the computer screen. Here's the usual process: look, look away, draw. Often I get way ahead of myself and start relying on memory and then things end up in places they shouldn't be.

Grading values from a color phot converting it to grayscale is tricky. The computer will definitely expose the weakness of a drawing. I can see my heavy handedness. Some drawings look better in dim light. This is one of them. I still think I captured her sleek, sexy charm and do not regret the time I spent with her. I started to use flat tone for the background and wish I had stuck to that decision.

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it is gud
by: Roo

it is quite gud

Good work
by: Balaji

This is good work, and for a 2" x 4" it is very good. However, you are likely to get a much better result (likeness, and details) if you do the same drawing to a larger size.

If you are looking at your reference on a computer screen you could use the features in most photo/graphic editing software to view colour pictures in greyscale and then restore them to the original colour.

While this makes things a lot easier, in the long run it is better to train your eye and mind to do the evaluation.

One way to get the best of both worlds is to either take the drawing to completion, or very close to it trusting your judgement, and then use the computer to do the greyscale conversion to check how well you have done.

by: dave

nice work so realistic-tx for sharing.

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