Portrait done in acrylic on canvas

by Jeannie
(Atlanta, GA USA)

In my learning curve, I guess I was attempting to try to find right shades in acrylics for skin tones and variations thereof in the face.

I had lots of trouble doing that, but is the best effort I've managed to this point. Eyes were troublesome, too, but I will continue UNTIL I "get it."

Having this wee portrait bear some resemblance to my daughter was even greater goal. It does. She is keeping it.

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Portrait by Jeannie
by: Mops

OO!! Love those eyes.Bright and alive.I think a little more shading around the nose would make it more prominent and balance the eyes.Great hair......shoulders a little narrow perhaps.
Great effort!

Great Job
by: Karla

Like the the detail. Think you found your calling! The color is good too! Karla USA

Mary Fraser
by: Mary Fraser

What really helps me with learning how to do portraits is the "quick sketch exercise" . I use willow charcoal sticks and do as much as I can in 3,2 or 1 minutes periods . There is an out door cafe I love going to and beside it a one miute perdestrian light . I sit there and do these sketches .

It is awesome isn't it when the face you do begins to look like the face you want to do . Mary

by: Azure7art

Your Portrait colour is good ,you should put some shadow below the Nose to make it come Forward and don't put all those lashes on eyes as in a small portrait they would not be seen
instead put cast shadow just under the eyelid which is always cast by Eyelashes. The mouth is very good,and the proportions of the face, perhaps the eye highlight is to big

I think you need some Shading on the brow as it is all one shade


From an enthusiastic Amatuer Painter

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