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Home Sweet Home it's mine  
Hi It's Alan again this is a painting of my house it was a nice day and i wanted something to paint so i sat outside with my dog's and though I'd give …

This pastel painting was done with the help of Dianna Ponting on Wet Canvas. I am not much into still life but my mom likes allsorts, so I thought I would …

Glencolumille, Donegal, Ireland 
Hi, I've been away for some time as I've been involved in other art projects This picture is painted using Rembrant soft pastels on Daler Rowney …

A Happy Flower 
This is back of a card for my class teacher. So there are signs around the flower, ignore them. This flower was made and colored with Oil Pastels in about …

coffee and stollen in christmas-time 
This little drawing I made last december when I had a nice cup of coffee and a tasty piece of cake (called stollen). I liked the reflection so much and …

the old driffter 
this is a pastel painting i did in 2002 it was the first portrait i ever did i was looking through some of my old portfolia.s and i thourght you may like …

- oil pastel on paper - 8 in x 6 in - farm life - background color is the most challenging - the pepper pleases me

My new roses 
I haven't done a pastel picture of any kind for about 10 years, and I just felt inspired today to buy some again and have a go. So it's my first attempt …

the lakefisher 
The drawing is made on pastelpaper. The size is 12 1/4"x16 1/8". The weight of the paper is 75 lbs and the colour is white. It is my first drawing I made …

Again another experiment into concept pastel artwork, it was all done freehand and nothing was measured so if the scale is out i apologise for that, Done …

Sunset from Paradise 
This is my first attempt with the medium dry pastels, it took me approx 30 mins to complete, i love the way pastels are so easy to get the effect you want …

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Happened to find your friendly manner of presentation. That is a gift Bob. Through that gift, you can't help but touch people. Stay well.
Ron S.

Hi Robert, just want to say thank you so much for your lessons, so much information and learning in them, and the videos are wonderful. Love your art and the art displayed on the links. Once again thanks, you have no idea of the enjoyment they bring.
Judy L.

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