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I used good pastel paper, the size is 12x19. I am especially pleased with the texture of the leaves. My very good friend bought the painting and it made …

safety pin 
Surface: Black Paper Size: 12x18in This was one of our art project. We had to use charcoal and pastel to creat an art piece. I choose to do this one …

my attempt at piccasso's blue period - lady ironing 
This is my attempt at one of the most interesting passionate pictures I have ever seen. I love Piccasso's work and wondered if I could create my own …

A picture I did of magnolia flowers with a sunset background. It was only my second attempt with pastels since I've stopped using them for three years. …

Tunisian woman 
I made this portrait of a Tunisian woman using soft pastels (Rembrandt and Maimeri) on a gray velour paper. The size of the picture is about 500 mm x …

Here is the other pastel pic from a very bad photo as I had mentioned earlier to Dorothy when she posted her pastel of Jack.

I mentioned in an earlier post I had done 2 dog pics in pastels both from very bad photo. Here's the first one.

Tiger for Robert 
Tiger in pastel I did for my son because he loves Tigers...

wine for christmas  
I took these bottles and made a still life. It was a 20 mins sketch and it is done on w/c paper and I have used water to create shadow. All input welcome …

Whenever I see this picture I feel a sense of calm. I think the sea does that to me. Soft pastel done on dark blue canson paper. Size:50cm x40cm.

Illfracombe - England 
Soft Pastel done on Canson Blue paper. This was a picture I did 4 years ago when I was learning pastel painting. I drew it from a picture I took when …

Soft pastels on pastel paper, a portrait for a gift. Took a long time to get the skin right.

Brackenhill Farm 
This is painted on Daler Rowney pastel paper using soft pastel, hard pastels and pastel pencils. It measurers 26 cms x 40 cms. Until about two years …

I did this on water colour paper with watercolours and pastel

vase of flowers 
I did this with pastels on pastel paper.

This painting i did with black ink and pastels i dont think my camara technique is very good spot was my dog for 18 yrs he sadly died 3 yrs ago but i …

This picture is painted on Daler Rowney Pastel Paper using soft pastels, hard pastels and pastel pencils. It measures 12" x 10". I am a "cat person" …

Tom is eight. This picture drawn from a stock photo is of my grandson. He posed on his eighth birthday and I was amazed at how, suddenly, he looked so …

This is the last pastel I did in June at Missenden Abbey and it is my favourite. various pastels on colour-fix paper. This paper is Australian and is a …

this is another pastel I did at Missenden Abbey in June 2007

Before the Dance 
Pastels both hard and soft, with pencil on 22 x 18 earthtone pastel paper I love the beauty of the dancer and I like to play with high contrast lighting. …

Hanna and Audience 
Pastel both soft and hard on Gray Pastel paper approx 22 x 18. I love animals and music and imagined a street musician having a kitten for their audience. …

the lake 
i did this on pastel paper with pastels it got a bit damaged as i had left it lying on my table and one of my cats walked over it

This was done just before eating! Soft pastel, watercolor paper. Is it realistic? Sorry for my English! I am from Ukraine! The size is 200 x 300 mm …

Vision or Divine Intervention 
This was done on Sandpaper, and is 22 x 18. I used a combination of soft and hard pastels and pencil for detail. I drew this in stages then took …

I painted this picture on Canson pastel paper. It measures 12 inches by 10 inches. I've called this cat Biddy because she reminded me of a cat my mother …

the cottage 
i did this on pastel paper and pastels i found this picture in a calander and i liked it i would like your opinion.

golden puppy 
this is a friends puppy but he is a lot bigger now i used pastel paper and pastels i should have used a bigger bit of paper

I done this in Pastels, and I would like your opinion.

the cub within 
While I used watercolors I then put pastels on the lynx for his fur . The blue is from a painting on the other side of the paper ..sorry

This is a work on canvas. I have used acrylic to cover the canvas and provide the setting and then the whole thing is in pastel. This piece I have …

another african giant 
Ladies and Gentlemen, please allow me to share with you my second attempt at an Afican Elephant finished in Pastel. It has been worked using soft pastels …

Cathys Otter. 
This is a picture drawn by my partner Catherine who has never drawn anything before or used Pastels, and has managed to make me look a complete divot by …

Lena (Mum) 
A second attempt in my life time to create a portrait of my late mum. When I was just 16 years old I did a basic portrait of her in oils. I rather liked …

Jack was painted using soft pastels, pastel pencils and conte sticks for the detail. The painting measures approx. 15" x 18" and was done as a commission …

Farmhouse in Autumn 
This is another picture that I found half finished in amoung my artwork. I think I started it about 8 or 9 years ago and tired of it so put it to the …

Soaring Eagle 
I used paper from my sketch book sized 81/2 by 11. I used two different kinds of pastels. One was softer, and the other chalky. I blended the colors …

African Giant. 
Hello again everybody, I hope you do not mind me sharing this first attempt at Pastels with you. They were bought for me as a present, and as you can see …

Tiger for Robert 
Tiger in pastel I did for my son because he loves Tigers...

sandra's room Not rated yet
Sandra's Room This is a work on canvas. I have used acrylic to cover the canvas and provide the setting and then the whole thing is in pastel. This …

Lioness  starstarstarstarstar
This painting is in Faber Castell Pastel pencils and taken from a lesson by Colin Bradley in England.....I love using these pencils just as much as I love ...

Falls at Yosemite  starstarstarstarstar
This is done with pastels on Canson paper - smooth side - 12 X 16. It's from an old '05 calendar I found. Thanks for looking. Tim

Alf the Macaw  starstarstarstar
Done in pastels. Loved doing this as the vibrant colours go well together.
Done on pastel paper.

Parrot (Pastel on Sugar Paper)  starstarstarstar
I did this pastel picture during an adult education art class, at Missenden Abbey. Everyone liked it so thought I'd share it with you. The pastel ...

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Happened to find your friendly manner of presentation. That is a gift Bob. Through that gift, you can't help but touch people. Stay well.
Ron S.

Hi Robert, just want to say thank you so much for your lessons, so much information and learning in them, and the videos are wonderful. Love your art and the art displayed on the links. Once again thanks, you have no idea of the enjoyment they bring.
Judy L.

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