Oil Painting Clean Up

by Debby Greffe
(Brockville, Ontario, Canada)

I came up with this idea because quite frankly I hate the clean up after painting. There is all of the brushes, the paper towels, which I put directly into a plastic bag while painting.

There is your hands, I always end up wearing a ton of paint on my hands somehow by the time I am done.

Of course, last but certainly not least, the palette. I had to find a way to make things easier when I am done my painting.

So I tried putting parchment paper on my palette, taping it to the back of the palette. The paint moves easily on this paper. As well, there is a plain white background to see the colors you have mixed on this paper. The best part, though, as far as I am concerned is, it makes clean up of the palette extremely easy. You just pull the paper off and viola, you have a clean palette. I find my parchment paper at the local dollar store. I love cheap and easy.

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