Nobottle Barn

by Bernadette

Hi! I started painting in October 07 after watching a program on watercolour painting on TV. It really stirred me up, I went to hobbycraft the very next day. I then found this site and have tried all the tutorials and bought DVD's to learn from. This painting I have submitted is on Boldmere 230 g/m2 Acid free 80% cotton rich 390mm x 270mm paper and is my first attempt at painting something of my own, i.e not copying another artist, my daughter took me for a drive so I could take photograph's of the local countryside to paint from. I like the foreground and the way it slopes down making the barn look like it is sitting on a hill, I am not sure if my horizon is too high and the ploughed field in the middle ground should be flatter, I am very nervous about what people might think. I find painting gives me something just for me, but would welcome any constructive criticism or praise.

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Good job
by: Jill

This is so nice!

Good Job
by: barb

Bernadette - you have done a very good job! I paint for my own pleasure (and sanity!) - keep it up - you have a good eye!

I think the horizon is a bit high. It feels like you are sitting very low and looking up.

What I do is put the painting up on the mantle and look at it for several days - sometimes a few weeks before I can get back to my paints! - and see how it makes me feel when I look at it. Then I give the same scene another try. I leave the original close at hand and use my thumbnails for the second attempt - I don't want to repeat the same painting - I want to see if I can improve it from the thoughts and ideas that looking at the work has given me.

This is a good painting - no reason to be ashamed of it! Keep painting and thank you for sharing! :)

Good painting
by: Dorothy , Carluke

Hi Bernadette,

For a first painting you have done really well.

Good to see that you are using your own photographs.

Your barn is in the proper place for a focal point but if I could just make a couple of little comments. If you were to do this again you could leave out the tree to the left of your picture and just use the one beside the barn. The ploughed field is taking the eye out of the picture. You could put the plough marks running towards the barn or leave them out completely.

It is fine to edit out what you don't think enhances your painting.

Despite my little comments I think you have made a great start to watercolour. Painting is an absorbing and rewarding hobby so keep it up and enjoy it.

I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Very well done,



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