Near Happiness

by Nathaniel Weissman
(Ewa Beach, HI, USA)

I'm actually looking for advice on this piece, mainly as you can see, the over-darkened (muddy) canyon and also the background trees to the right including the land. I'm especially having trouble moving the water in the fall for it seems to just lamely flatten down the hill.

I would like for it to have a more powerful outlook as it descends from the top. All advise is greatly appreciated!! Also, I would like to lift the mudd from the walls as much as possible without hurting the greenery and tree on the left. Is this possible?

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clearing the dark
by: Laura

I am not sure if it will work but you could try to lighten the dark by applying water and lifting the color with paper towel or tissue. I do believe you have a nice theme and great potential here..

You could try adding some light streaks through the waterfall to create movement there.

Good painting...

by: Dorothy , Carluke

Hi Nathaniel,

A cause of muddy colours is mixing too many colours together.

Try to only mix two colours say a blue and yellow to get green. If you want a darker green then use a darker blue and yellow to achieve this. Have a look around this site Bob is sure to have an article devoted to mixing colour.

Keep on painting its a great hobby and we have all I'm sure ended up with muddly colours at some time.



From the mind
by: Nathaniel Weissman

This was actually from the minds eye. Thanks for the input and I'll be looking foward to next year to get out and try a real scene.

by: Anonymous

Congratulations for finishing your painting. As a beginner, maybe focus on one aspect of a scene will help instead of working on the whole panoramic view. I did wonder what you used as reference because clean-cut straight lines rarely occur in nature to the extent you've painted them.
Keep painting, keep an openmind, and keep exploring.

Picturesque scene!
by: Anonymous

I really wish I could help Nathaniel, but I'm not experienced enough. I hope you do get some help though as this has great potential! Good luck with it!

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