Nature Walk

by Karla

This was a picture that I was just trying to learn how to capture light in my paintings. Did I succeed? I know the trees are too bright but I believe I did so on the pathway. It was a bit difficult to do and make it look real for me ! Still working on this one changing my trees. Camera issues too! Help...Karla

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Good Job
by: Marianne

Dear Karla,

Capturing light is a little tricky, isn't it?
You are doing very well. Although it's not as easy to see in photos as in real life, it looks like you may have stopped at the mid-tones in the colors; so if you had added as a final touch to the trees, let's say, some white mixed with the color and added that as the final highlight in places you may get more of what you are looking for. Try it in your next one and see.

Keep painting - you have great spirit!


Thank you Mary
by: Karla

I am so glad I inspire you! Ditto to you! Karla USA

by: Mary Fraser

Hi Karla ,

Just a thought but perhaps a full horizon line would help you capture the light . I like it and you inspire me to keep on keeping on .

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