Mt Fuji

by Leanne Halls

Last year in December my husband and I went to a Christian camp at the base of Mt. Fuji. It was one of the first chances I had to see Mt. Fuji close up during winter. Using a picture I took of this trip I decided to create this watercolour for my friend who loves Mt. Fuji.

For this picture I used Archers 300gms Rough paper with Windsor and Newton paints. I also added some Japanese ink to the impressions of trees in the foreground.

I decided to keep the trees at the front impressionistic as I did not want to detract from Mt. Fuji. I was not too happy with my sky. I think I overworked it... fiddled too much. I think I will try this painting again.

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How I Painted this painting
by: Anonymous

Hi Irene Ann,

Thank you for your encouraging comment. I am not sure how to let you know what I did so I will write it here in the comments.
The paints I used were Permanent Violet, Paynes Gray, Ultramarine Blue, Yellow Ocre, and Japanese Ink.
I sketched the outline of the mountain. Making sure I did not wet the mountain I wet the sky area and in wide sweeping strokes painted the sky using a light mix of Ultramarine Blue. Using a tissue I dabbed out the clouds. To tie the mountain and the sky together I added small amounts of permanent violet to the bottom of some of the blue sections of sky.
Using a dark mix of permanent violet I painted the lines at the top of the mountain and down the mountain. Then before it dried using a different brush dipped it in clean water I ran it beside the dark paint and pulled the paint down to create the shadows. In other areas I used a light mix of permanent violet to create shadows.
The bottom of the mountain was created using a mix of Payne's gray and violet and ultramarine blue. Also painted in large strokes.
The tree area was wet loosely and yellow ocre added to different areas. A mix of ultramarine blue and yellow ocre was used to create the green which was also painted loosely while the yellow ocre was still slightly damp. While the trees were still damp I then added some small drops of dilluted japanese ink to create darker shadows.
Thats about it.

by: Opal

I love everything about your painting. It is pure simplistic beauty. You have left no doubt that the mountain is the focal point. I see nothing wrong with the sky. We are all our own worse critics and we all have that tendency to overwork things some times. There is an art teacher on Tv here in canada that always says " remember the 3 Ps" don't piddle--play-- or putter with your painting. Because most times less is more. Good work on this painting.

by: Anonymous

what a fab painting can you talk us through how to paint this and what colours you have used thank you irene ann

mt fuji
by: Dorothy, Cambs

It is lovely to see a fresh look to this subject, and well painted

by: dave

very nice.

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