Memoirs of Venice

by Leanne Halls

Memoirs of Venice

Memoirs of Venice

Ages ago I visited Venice with my sister and I finally found the pictures of that trip. I really enjoyed painting this picture. It took much longer than any other picture I have painted but I like the end results. I would appreciate any constructive comments.

This painting was painted on Rough Watercolor paper. It size is about 30cm x 50cm.

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surprise surprise
by: elsie


like another "critic" - i wonder if i'm entitled to make comment - i only started art class 5/6 weeks ago but i am sooper dooper enthusiastic!

Re Venice - I too got a shock when I first laid eyes, but then surely no art, when seen first time should fail to make a kick in the guts impression - either tears (see the Westie oil - ours died 2 years ago and i still can't get used) or wow! Venice came into the wow category - i've been and buildings do certainly slope (no wonder) but I didn't realize that underside of bridge would appear black in the water (which isn't exactly desert island blue at best of times). Made me think about reality as well as artistic license or personal interpretation. That was certainly a reality and I've got to say I enjoyed it. I like being made to use the old marbles and not just sit back and enjoy or dismiss.

Yes, this jury votes a perfect 5.



Mary Fraser
by: Anonymous

we did perspective and shadow sketches in my class a few weeks ago.. the teacher had to keep reminding us to fade out shadows so that they wouldn't look like an object. I like this painting but the dark clear bridge shadow threw me a first... all 'I saw' was something circular .

Memoirs of Venice
by: Mops

Hi Leanne:
My first impression when I looked at your painting was that I was looking into a globe.I think the tilted builing on the left helped to create that illusion. I really like the subtle colours, but the reflections bother me.
I find this painting very intriguing and wonder if I am really qualified to make any comments.

Eye - v - Camera
by: Dorothy, Carluke

Hi Leanne,

I like the colours in the picture but the tilt on the building on the left bothers me a bit.

I know Venice is old and perhaps some of the buildings do tilt but I was reading an article in an art mag the other day and the author advised those of us who paint from photographs to sketch it out first as the camera angle especially if it is titled upwards can pull the buildings away from the vertical.

Hope this little tip helps in future.


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