Medium to Use for Sand Effects

by Jan
(Grawin Opal Fields Australia)

The Australiam aborigines here use lumps of sandstone and other rocks found on gravel tracks.Then with a coarse rasp, grate rock in a collector bowl. Bag off the different colours into small plastic bags.

To use, place about a tablespoonful onto plate, couple of drops of water then add good dollop of wood glue (known as here as PVA Glue, mix to the consistency you wish to paint with. Dries quickly and adheres well.

NB: - this is a great tip because I find the rock/sand mediums sold commercially in little jars are really expensive. You don't need to go to Oz for your mediums either!

Just use whatever stones, soil, sand or gravel dust etc, happens to lie in or on the ground near you. If necessary, wash it through in cold water first or sift it through an old flour or tea strainer if you want. The process can be almost as much fun as the painting!



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Great Idea!
by: Cindy in SD

I bet you could use all sorts of things from natural sands to the colored stuff they sell for kids' art projects to the finely pulverized shell you find on beaches to coffee grounds to . . . . I'm going to have a lot of fun trying this with the kids in my art classes. Thanks!

Using Sand Etc
by: Anonymous

What a great tip. The opal fields worry me though, the last time I was in Oz I stupidly took my wife to Queensland and it cost me a fortune for opals, I tried to tell her they are unluck, but it didn't work!

glue in paint
by: Melissa

Hi, I live up with the Yolngu Aboriginies up top end of Australia. Yes I have seen this method up here too, they also use specific rocks for their colour and mix with the glue giving great authentic colour. You may like to try their idea of paintbrushes. Human hair.

Great idea
by: Francis

I used this method when I painted a picture of the church my son was married in. Now by coincidence he has gone back to live in Australia! It works a treat. They were thrilled with the painting.

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