Make your own canvas surface

by Hayden
(Durban South Africa)

You will need 1 sheet of untempered masonite cut to standard art board sizes. Wood glue white kind. Canvas. Pure acrylic paint white.100 grit sandpaper

Tools: Hobby or Stanley knife.3" paint brush.
Method: Apply glue to precut board smooth surface. Take care there is no dust or grit on the board or you will end up with the pea under the mattress syndrome.

Apply the canvas to the board having cut it to size with about half an inch / 12mm all round to spare.Apply hand pressure to rub out excess glue to the edges of the board.I then put more boards on top to apply pressure on level surface putting canvas sides face to face.

When glue has dried, carefully pull boards apart sand lightly, apply two coats pure acrylic paint, allow to dry and sand lightly before use. I also have used pink as a background base on the board.

Trim the edges of waste canvas cutting from the canvas facing side so as not to press the canvas from the board.

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Jan 07, 2009
Using old cotton material and Gesso
by: Larry

Another way to make a canvas surface using hardboard or Masonite is to paint Gesso on the surface. While the Gesso is still wet,take an old bed sheet, pillow case, or cotton undershirt (t-shirt), cut to the size of the board and press it onto the wet Gesso. After this dries, about 1/2 hour, paint over the fabric with several coats of Gesso-allowing the gesso to dry between coats.

Dec 31, 2008
by: LOPopplewell

Interesting! I believe the Mona Lisa is painted on canvas mounted board. I would be interested in knowing how you finish off the back side of the canvased board?? ( Keeping it smooth and flat???)

Jan 30, 2008
Make your own canvas
by: Mops

Thank you Hayden....information much appreciated.

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