Look thru my window

by Opal
(Ontario Canada)

This is acrylics on a 16x20 canvas. Is another painting from my study of light book. I wanted to try drawing a still life and try to acheive the glow from the candle.The most challenging for me was drawing and painting the brass candle holder and knowing where to put the light.I am still not sure I did it right. If I were to do it again, I would not put the brick pattern.

In my original instructions it said to do just a dark mottled background around the window. I didn't really care for it so I put in the brick. Now I am concerned its a tad to busy. What do I like-- the serenity that this picture conveys.In my other painting I posted one of the comments was I should try applying the techniques I have learned to an original painting. Thats coming next. Bye for now.

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Nov 25, 2007
Book and specs
by: Dorothy Carluke

Hi again Opal,

This is a good painting. I particularly like the way you painted the book you've managed to convey to the viewer that the book is old and a bit worse for wear. Also the way you've rendered the glass in specs is very good.



Nov 22, 2007
by: Mary Fraser

i love this .. it's a window to a place i'd like to visit .

Nov 20, 2007
It is good!
by: Kathleen

You know what Opal, You did not mention the wonderful; detail you achieved with the glasses sitting on the book.
Even the refracted light there is balanced.
Yep...You did Good!

Nov 20, 2007
by: Anonymous

well done irene ann

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