Lilies and grapes

by Marilyn Gray
(Calhoun, LA)

I used a wooden plate about 15" in diameter. When I first saw the design I was captured by the sheer simpicity and the fact that the black background seemed to pop the subject right off the surface.

I am not a fine art's painter, in fact I am sincerely trying to learn every technique I can find to add beauty and structure to my painting projects.

I had the most trouble with the leaves. I just can't seem to get the shadows and hi-lights to correctly express how they should look. (more realistic)

I would love to add accent colors as well as details that would allow more interest to the finished project, I just don't know what colors would apply for accents and other details.

I would love any and all comments on making this painting more beautiful and interesting without looking cluttered. I like simple, yet defined detail in a painting.

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Lillies and Grapes
by: Anonymous

My first response to this was that it was professional. Good work.

This is great
by: Jill

I love lilies (tiger lilies I think are the ones I like) and grapes look good enough to eat!

by: Lauren

I can totally feel the flowers and leaves. I absolutely love it. What a great idea, I'll have to keep this one in mind!

I can only say WOW
by: Betty R

I love black backgrounds in home decor items. This one is so outstanding, I love this!

It seems the light is coming from the left, I would only shadow the right side of the leaves and also where the lillies are above the leaves casting their shadows.
The colors I personally would use is either indigo watered down and with your brush half side of water and other half with the watered down color.
Another color to use is purple made by mixing till you get the right color your looking for.
Be sure to protect what you don't want color on tho.
I'm not an accomplished artist so you will get better ideas from others here.
Best of luck, it is a gorgeous painting as is.

by: Lana

Beautiful ornament! Your flowers look quite real. Congratulations, Marilyn!

Keep it as it is
by: Hala


It is perfect and beautiful as it is ... lilies my favourite , yet I didn't try to paint before.

Thanks for sharing

I forgot
by: Marilyn Gray

I forgot to add that this is a clock; therefore the white dot in the center. I just haven't completed the 'total look' I want befor adding the hands. Thanks for looking.

by: Pearl

I think it looks lovely as it is, the only thing might be to do some thing with the white dot in the centre. Perhaps some gold hands as in a clock, pointing to the 9 and 7 or whatever you choose. Anyway I like it, thanks for sharing. Cheers Pearl.

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