Lighthouse Keeper

by Debra
(West Nyack, NY)

I was inspired by a photograph of this lighthouse. I enjoy painting landscapes especially seascapes. I am a beginner to drawing and painting so I appreciate any comments to further my learning.

I painted this watercolor on Aquarelle Arches 12X 16 cold pressed watercolor block. I used Grumbacker student grade watercolor paints. The most challenging tasks for me are mixing colors and painting with perspective. Thanks for looking!

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by: Anonymous

I think, as I had go learn; you need to soften the tops and sides of everything in your picture to keep it from looking pasted on. colours are great. I just like to take all the critics words and grow better from this.

Gay Wallerstedt

Happy Painting

by: Phil

Love your painting.The foreground looks good with the shrubs and flowers.The fence is a little distracting so I would leave it out.The sky is too dark,use a light wash here.Like the detail in the buildings.

Great colors!
by: Jill

I like it a lot!


I like this Debra, nice colors and nice to look at. Keep at it. Cheers Owen.

Good work
by: Carol

I can see you enjoy your painting, keep up the good work

Perspective is not easy!
by: Linda from Sidney BC

Debra: I like this one!! I think the perspective is pretty good, but then it's something I have trouble with too so I admire anyone who can make a good job of it. The only thing I would say is that the roundness of the lighthouse doesn't come through to me and perhaps a bit of curved paint on the side would help that. As for mixing colors, I had a teacher that had us use two colors starting with a large amount of one and small amount of the other and gradually changing the amounts as you mix a bar of each side by side on the page, almost a like a color swatch you would get from the paint store only there is no noticeable line of paint changing, not sure if that make sense but it's something to try with leftover paint and paper scraps.
Keep at it, I think what you've done here is great!

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