Lake Chipican

by Mops

Favourite Spot.

Favourite Spot.

Hi there: This is a painting of a small lake in our local park. I really tried to loosen up here....lots of paint on the brush and allowed colours to run into one another.

I really don't like the way I did the branches at the top of the painting but someone didn't sold.

We have a local florist who will display paintings for a small commission. Some local restaurants will do the same. You just have to go in and ask!
I used 140 cold press and Winsor Newton transparent paints.

In the winter this lake freezes over and people skate and play hockey.

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I can see why it sold!
by: Jenn

This is one of my favorites that I've seen under your name on this site. It looks like a great place to have a nice walk. I like the tree branches, too. They make me feel like I'm standing on a path by the lake. Great job!

Transparent paints
by: Reply, Dorothy

Hi Mops.

Thanks for the explanation that you are using only the most transparent paints. I thought it was a new range that had come out and had not reached the UK yet.

I must have a go at only using the most transparent pigment as I like the result



The mirror of water
by: Irina

Remarkable water color! Yes, in this genre you are an expert! However, your acrylic is not worse!

favourite spot
by: Angeline, the Netherlands

This is a transparant watercolour painting exactly the way it should be. Very nice!


Well done Mops!
by: Pearl

Very well done Mops, I like the restful feeling, lovely colours. I don't mind the trees, they give the painting depth.
Cheers Pearl

Lake Chipican
by: Mops

Hi Dorothy:
When I started painting years ago, to me, watercolour paint was just......well, just paint.
Over time I learned the there are transparent, opaque, granulating and staining properties.
Because watercolor color paints are made from finely ground pigments, the different properties of the pigments effect how much a given paint covers the paper or a previous layer of paint.

• Transparency is the degree to which the paper, or a previous layer of color, can still show through, giving the "luminosity" characteristic to watercolor. Pigments vary: dye-based ones are very transparent, for example, while cadmiums are more opaque.

• Opaque is the degree to which you cannot see through a color. Opaque or the French term, gouache, also refers to a category of watercolor paint that is dense and easily covers the underlying surface. White, for example, is an opaque paint that covers other colors, and hence is occassionally used for highlights or to correct mistakes.

• Staining or Permanent colors discolor the paper and cannot be lifted or washed off. Permanence also refers to light-fastness over time.

• Granulation refers to how much a color looks grainy or mottled. The pigment sinks into the paper, showing off its texture.
You will find a little empty square on the tube that tells you it's transparent....or a black square indicates an opaque paint etc.
You can find info if you type "Winsor Newton" in the Google box.
Hope this helps.
Thanks breighhi!
Alvin.....the white spots are light coming through the trees. Of course it could be that I missed painting a few spots....I'm not saying :o)

by: Dorothy, Carluke

Hi Mops, Well done on the sale. A really nice picture and I like the way you've handled the branches.

Mops are transparent paints the same as watercolour or are they slightly different? Never heard of them this side of the pond.

Like it
by: Anonymous

I like this a lot but question - what are the white slots in the trees or is it just my browser?

Favorite Spot
by: breighdi

Hi Mops...Oh, your paintings make me miss home.

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