Keeping Your Acrylic Paint Wet

by Riley Geddings
(Carrollwood Village, Florida, USA)

There are expensive pallets you can buy -

there are pallets you can make using wet kitchen paper towels on a small tray under a pane of glass (which works quite well).

I have devised another very simple way that works well for me. I buy coffee in a 2-pound plastic container which has a round, plastic, shallow top. I also buy some inexpensive kitchen paper towels.

Stack the towels about 6 or 8 at a time, place the round top on the stack of towels and draw a circle around the plastic lid. Then it is real easy to cut the towels with scissors and make yourself a goodly supply of these round towels.

As needed, place a couple round towels into the plastic lid and wet it. You will find that the paint will stay wet for a long time (if not, give them a spray with water) and the paper is strong enough to withstand mixing with your brushes. It is also light-weight and easy to hold close to your work if need be !

Give it a try - it is cheap and easy !

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Your paper towel palette will last
by: Anonymous

even longer if you put a circle of cooking parchment on top of the wet paper towels.

Keeping Your Acrylic Paint Wet =
by: Barbara Austin

I place a small, very wet sponge on my palette of paint and then spay the paint and cover it tight with foil so no air can leak in and the paint stays moist for several weeks.

Another idea
by: MrsCadena

Using cyran wrap helps too. Cut out pieces slightly larger then the paint you want to save and place it gently over the paint. Run your finger over the cyran wrap around the perimeter of the paint to seal out the air.

Today I tried the same trick with a sandwich bag since I don't have any cyran wrap and it works just as well.

pallette for acrylics
by: wanda

I use the tops of coffee or ice cream plastic lids
and then i buy the cheapest coffee filters, they are round and fit quite well, i have used different sized lids as a cover when i leave my paints. i will tape them on this way i can stack them in a plastic ice cream container which also has a lid and a handle when on the move ala prima
when i use the coffee lids this works quite well stacked in the ice cream container and i can lable them i will set up my paints by greys,earth tones, and whatever greens i want to use etc for the painting..i will also use a cheap sponge and round off the bottom corners to fit the lid in a crescent shape so i can use it to wipe my brushes and keep the points controled. oh yes the only thing i have to cut is the parchment paper as a membrane over the coffee filters. same primes as paper towels but less time consuming

good idea

Good idea for an easy inexpensive "wet pallette"

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