by Gerry

This is the first that i have paint...

Sorry but i can not so good englisch, I hope that you understand wat i will say.
I paint 4 weeks ant i have never before painted.
Greetings Gerry

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Good attempt!
by: Jill

Can't wait to see what you do after painting longer!

Well experienced beyond expectations
by: Anonymous

If this is done with four weeks experience what are we gonna see at a couple of months! Very good and I assure you if I painted like that in my first four weeks I would be quite pleased with the outcome. P.S. My Aunt is from Eindhoven(dadelstraat) So my dutch isn't as good as your English:-)

by: Mops

Hi Gerry
Very nice job......very nice feathery effect. I agree with Angeline that you could make the bird pop out a little more either by darkening the background around the bird in some areas, or..... you could whiten the curve of the bird's back to make him stand out more. The branch is good but the leaves could be loosened up a bit.
Just my thought

by: Angeline

Hi Gerry,

Good attempt, the bird is beautiful. I think if you darken the background a little, the bird will be visible better. I translate it for you in Dutch.

Hoi Gerry,

In het Nederlands: Een goede poging. De vogel ziet er prachtig uit. Ik zou adviseren de achtergrond donkerder te maken, zodat de lichte vogel er beter uitspringt, nu valt hij zo weg tegen de witte achtergrond.
Veel succes, en vooral doorgaan.


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