Ivy Nude

by Rofique Hussain

This painting is done on canvas , the medium used is wood charcoal and pencil.It's approximate size is 10 by 6 inches.

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by: Anonymous

Great sir, its really awesome...

good job rofique
by: Bubul Handique

Really rofique, I think this was a great sketch. that was so awesome and simply adorable.............................

by: linda

Proportions are good, definition is good. I have spent the past 6 months at a 'life art' class. We have spent this time, perfecting our efforts with a lady model. It has been a good experience. We are now concentrating on the male. It is a totally different 'feel' because the male is not as soft and curvy - all in all a good experience.

Well done, I particularly like her supporting arm and the definition in muscle tone.

ivy nude
by: Angeline, the Netherlands

Hi Rofique,

I like the shine on the lady's skin and the different tones in your drawing.
My only remark is that it seems as if she not sitting, but hanging in the air. Her hand at the right side of the painting isn't leaning on anything, too.
But over all I think you did a good job.


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