Humiliation & Anger

by Lisa King (real name Lisa Fraser-Pereira)
(South Africa)

I took up art as a way to deal with expressing emotion and anger. Previously I had trouble not breaking something or not to shout at someone.

This picture was painted on my birthday right after someone humilated me in front of my 5 year old son and others without reason and tact. I managed to not utter a word and when I reached home I locked myself in my studio and this painting was the result.

45cm x 60cm

Thank you for your video's. It does wonders!

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by: sonya

hi lisa,
emotions aside, i think this is a very nice creation. while any form of drawing/painting is great, a creation always fascinates me more than a copy, even if it is a live copy and not from a photo. the colours selected are very rich and warm.

by: Mary

I see hope and balance shinning thru ..people can be thoughtlessly cruel . Congrats on your maturity . If you're a friend of Bill's(or not) my address is . I too use my art many times to express difficult emotions . I recently had to but my beloved Sheltie down and painted my way thru my grief .

Well Done
by: Anonymous

I can see the intense, slow burn of the anger you felt. I hope you can express the more enjoyable emotions as effectively.

by: Puppy

Hi Lisa.I agree.Very powerful.And a good way to vent emotion.

Humiliation and anger
by: Angeline, the Netherlands

Hi Lisa,

This is a powerfull painting.
I think it's the result of the power you showed by dealing with your emotions at that moment.
You succeeded!


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