How to get your hands clean easily

by Susanne

Hi, I started to paint with oil-paint to get my right hand back to function again after a stroke. It was hard to use the brush during the whole painting so I had to use my fingers instead.

My hands were full of paint when the painting was finished and it was hard to get clean again.
Then I thought that oil-paint has oil in it so I tried to use olive-oil from the kitchen and I rubbed it into my hands and then I washed it out in the sink with soap and water and my hands were totally clean.

It even works to take oil on a piece of cloth and rub it anywhere you get paint, for example brushes, trousers, floors, table etc.
Good luck with the oil.

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Nov 08, 2010
by: Anonymous

Cool! I've got to try that sometime!I always mess up my hands painting, and its like, impossible to get off.

Jul 08, 2010
Nearly every kitchen oil would do
by: Tod

Great advice. Actually, vegetable, corn or other plant-originated oils of all grades from kitchen would do for the purpose. Probably, they may be a bit cheaper alternative for the olive oil. And of course, they are usually hundred times healthier for your skin than the thinners.

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