How To Draw Straight Lines

by Akash
(Punjab, India)

Instead of drawing one long straight line, draw the line bit by bit, using the little ones

Draw a short line, and then extend it a bit...

...and keep pushing it out, further and further. every now and then, stop to check that it looks ok.when you're happy with the line, go over it again

With a bit of practice you'll be able to draw any long line by doing small lines and extending them bit by bit.

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Drawing straight lines
by: Anonymous

Many thanks to everyone for your great tips. Drawing a straight line was something I thought I would never achieve but, hey-ho, thanks to you guys my lines are starting to straighten up!


by: Akash

Thanks for your tip ..

Drawing Straight Lines
by: Bonny

That's a great tip! Here's another one:

When we draw a line, we tend to look at the point of the pencil as it moves across the paper. A better way is to position your pencil on the starting point of the line, then move your eyes to where you want the line to finish and DO NOT look at the pencil point.

Keep looking at your END POINT of the line and move your hand with the pencil on the paper and draw your line. Takes a bit of getting used to, but it works!! Try it!!

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