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How to Draw Roses

Learning how to draw roses, one of the most popular flowers anywhere in the world, can seem daunting at first sight.

When you look at all the intricate ways in which the petals appear to curl and fold around each other, you wonder where to start.

However, once you realise how the basic structure of a rose is  formed, it suddenly becomes easier to understand. Even more so, when you realize that anything you draw can be formed with just five basic shapes which you can find in the article by clicking on the link.

Ho to draw roses

Before roses actually open out, each petal is wrapped around the one below like a spiral.

A really good way to understand and see this is to peel a tomato as you would peel an apple.

If you can keep the peel in one long piece, then roll it up, you'll find it makes a perfect impression of a rose that hasn't yet fully bloomed!

Keep this spiral effect in mind when you're drawing and it may help.

Anyone in the catering trade will know this trick. As an aside from drawing, it's a really neat way to embellish a salad...

However, enough of the food. We're here to draw.

Let's move on to Stage 1 of this how to draw roses tutorial.

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How To Draw Roses - Stage 1

If we look at the two photos, you'll see one is of a rose that's still to open, whilst one is of a beautiful peach color in full bloom.

How to Draw Roses Stage 1

In my usual style, I've superimposed guide lines over the pictures to show that despite the intricacy of the petals, they're really only basic shapes to point you in the right direction. These should also make sure the sizes are in proportion as well.

How To Draw Roses - Stage 2

In Stage 2 of How to Draw Roses, we can see that by taking away the the pictures, we're left with basic shapes that provide a sort of 'scaffolding'.

How to Draw Roses Stage 2

Sketch these shapes lightly in pencil until you're happy with the overall proportions. 

How To Draw Roses - Stage 3

Moving on to Stage 3, you'll notice I've drawn a spiral for the main shape of the larger rose.

I've inked this in so you can see it easier, but for now, just put this line in pencil, because you'll be erasing it shortly.

How to Draw Roses Stage 3

How to Draw Roses - Stage 4

In this next stage, I've inked in the final shapes, once I'm happy with the look of the flowers.

Some of the spiral has been stretched a little here and there, and the triangles have been slightly rounded off to indicate where the petals have started to curl over.

How to draw roses stage 4

How To Draw Roses - Final Stage

The final part of this article sees the addition of some light pen marks to indicate shadow areas and give some 'body' to the roses.

How to Draw Roses - Final stage

Note how they've been drawn on the larger rose in the direction that the petals actually grow to suggest the veins and undulations. Have a close look at a petal on a real rose and you'll see what I mean. 

So there we have our 'How to Draw Roses tutorial. As a bonus, you also now know how to make a rose from a tomato !! Click on the links below to find lots more tutorials. Keep coming back as well. I'm adding mew articles all the time.

Click here to see a video showing how to paint a rose

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