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How to Draw Animals

Drawing tutorials on any subject are always in demand, but learning how to draw animals seems a particularly popular quest for vast numbers of artists of all abilities.

Maybe it's our inherent love of animals - their innocence, freedom and general lack of human frailties.

Or perhaps it's our desire to capture their grace and movement, maybe against a backcloth of their natural environment. Take the Kangaroo illustrated here, for instance.

If you're new to learning how to draw animals, this might not be the subject you'd first think about - though if you're in Australia, perhaps you would! Whatever, it just proves that following the simple steps in the articles, you can pick your choice of subject at will.

Perhaps you'd love to record a portrait of a much loved family pet. Yes, I know photos will record your favorite dog, cat or horse very accurately for decades, but a sketch of him that you've produced yourself... Now that is one you'll keep for the family album - better still, framed on the wall! 

The Number 1 Secret to Improving Your Artwork

How to draw animals - kangaroo

To make it even easier if you're new to sketching, all of these drawing articles use just a few basic shapes to get you started.

As you can see from this photo of a kangaroo, these simple shapes help to define the main parts of each animal.

This helps you to quickly sketch a rough outline to get the proportions right before you attempt the detail.

To cater for this interest in how to draw animals, I've put together a series of tutorials devoted to many specific creatures, including how to draw horses, cattle, dogs, cats and many others.

Click here to learn how to draw animals using basic shapes first.

Now click on the animal links below, to find your favorite animal and get sketching!

New how to draw animals tutorials will be appearing all the time, so keep coming back to the site to check what's new.

How to Draw Animals Tutorials

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How to Draw a Kangaroo
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