How not to paint a cat!!

by Mops

Apologies to Henry.

Apologies to Henry.


I really wanted to do a watercolour of Henry....a really friendly cat they said at the Humane Society....called him "Spritzle" they did.

You say that a few times and you'll understand why we called him Henry. Friendly?....the scars on my arm dispute that. After a few years though he mellowed and purred away on my lap.

I used 140lb cold pressed........Some Winsor Newton....some MaimeriBlue paints.It's pretty awful isn't it but I wanted you to see it. Looks as if I used a different of a racoon maybe. I'll try again one of these days.

Now be as unkind......really you like.I can take it... and it could be fun.

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First times for practice anyway
by: John

Wow! Henry has Cousin. I don't know how experienced you are but I could not change a cats position from the photo and get it right. You did a good job of adjusting. Perhaps finer lines in the fur and a contrasting dark background would bring Henry forward and smooth his ruffles. Sneek up on the darks and try blending them out like a gradient. It will be easier to duplicate if you use the same pose. Good job, Never give up. Art is never finished, just close enough??

How not to paint a Cat
by: Susan , Point Clark

I just love Henry - know he doesn't relly look like him except in the eyes --it is so dramatic like the play "Cats" cats --he looks so regal :)
You are a great painter

Thanks for the commets about Daisie the Cat



by: Dorothy , Carluke

Hi Mops,

Your too unkind to yourself. Don't know if you would recognise it as Henry from the photo but you were using artistic license weren't you? Only kidding Henry's not bad at all.

I had to smile when I saw his expression on the photograph. We have a saying here in Scotland which is "Wha daur meddle wi me" which roughly translated means "Come on Punk, make my day" or words to that effect.

I also have a cat Mops and if I am ever ill the medics will be confounded as to what caused all the scars on my arms!!!!!



by: Angeline, the Netherlands

Hi Mops,

You are right, it looks as if you used a different photograph.
But..... I don't mind, because the painting is very funny and nice.
It 's as if the cat on your painting has used blue eye shadow. So it's a movie star cat.
I think the left eye (the cat's right eye) is a little to small and to straight, but that's my only remark.

So, I am very sorry, I cannot be unkind, for I really like the painting.


by: Puppy

Hi Mops.I think Henry is just purr-fect!He has a lot of character.

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