Guitar Picker

by Jane

This is an acrylic painting on a 10x12 canvas. While touring a small Arizona mining town on a Sunday morning I saw this man playing his guitar on a park bench. He was such a great character to paint so I snapped a photo of him.

This was my first attempt at painting a human subject from my photo. I would like any suggestions about how to improve this painting. I wanted to captured the character of this man. I got the feeling that he approved of me taking his picture. He looked directly at the camera and continued to play his guitar.

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by: Mary

a delightful painting keep doing people you've got the innate 'vision of the heart' to do them

Guitar Man
by: Barb

Jane - good job on a difficult subject!
I have problems painting people so can't give much advice. I did some sketches and pen and wash drawings from a blues festival and wasn't after detail - just shape and action - that's my only experience.

My attention keeps going back to the shadow. Is it the man or the tree? It keeps my attention from your focal point.

Hope to see more of your work! I like it!

by: Angeline, the Netherlands

Hi Jane,

Nice painting.
In my opinion the fence is very nice, it gives some depth and technically the fence is painted very good.
I agree with Mops, that the foreground needs some colour, a soft green perhaps.

The guitarplayer itself is very nice.
Well done!


Guitar Picker
by: Mops

Hi Jane:
I think your guitar picker and bench are just great. For me ....there is too much foreground and the fence tends to take away from the focal point(the man). Scroll down and hide most of the fence......nice now eh? Now warm up the foreground a bit to separate it from the background and you've got a winner :o)Just my thoughts.

well done
by: Anonymous

may i say tone down the bench he is sat on and lighten the back ground i hope this helps irene ann

by: dave

i like it but for me the background is to bland.

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