by Julia I. M. Clark
(Spain - Valencia)

For this piece, I painted it in oil paints. I'm trying to master oils, but they're very difficult at the moment. I've never had any classes for painting, but have taught myself with books and visualising how I'd paint certain things.

Since I am still working on my painting, I used an old cupboard shelf (glossy white). The board is quite heavy, and is approx' 66x25 cm in total, but the painting measures to 30x24 cm.

When I paint, I don't really start out with a subject. Most of my paintings consist of women's portraits, but soon I will widen my horizons. With this piece I wanted to paint a woman with a goddess-like feel, but also, with a mixed sensation of tranquility and melancholia.

The most challenging part of this piece was the nose. Noses have always been very very difficult to paint/draw for me. Also, getting a good skin shade is difficult for me. When I paint, I usually like using one colour (Eg. white background with red tones for the face)

I am pleased with the way this painting gives me the sensation I was after, and that she is strangely beautiful. I like the bottom part of the nose, though it is quite long. (I did this on purpose because I think that the nose is the most beautiful and interesting feature in the human face)

If I could re-create this painting, I'd change the lips, skin tone and hair. I've not yet mastered the art of good shading and blending and giving depth to what I try to create.

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by: Mary Fraser

shading is hard but be bold and see where it takes you . She has the aura of a Madona , well done .

by: Dorothy , Carluke


I think you have done a great job here I like her expression. The only little thing I would say is to remove the flowers from the upper part of your painting. Just a thought.


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