Glycerin does work!

by John B. Lankford
(Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA)

Rather than buying expensive retarder, just try mixing a little glycerin you buy from the store.

Being a chemist, I can tell you that it will be "miscible" with the acrylic resin, trap water and thereby lower it's evaporation rate.

I have tested this with Liquitex Basic acrylic that comes in tubes. I have also found that the color is richer in mass when applied. No manufacturer. will confess that this works with their acrylic paint because they want you to buy their retarder ( a poly-alcohol), which is what plain glycerin is also. Hope this aids all wanting more time to blend acrylic.

Thank you Bob Davis for inspiring us all to share.

John B. Lankford

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by: Anonymous

Very helpful, thank you.

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