For Your Protection

by Sheila
(South Australia)

If you are like me and like to blend pastels with your fingers, there is a very good barrier cream made in Australia by Hamilton Pharmaceutical pty.

It is called Dermex 5 and is intended for dry work. Just rub a small amount into your hands, I work it in and around the tips of my fingers and nails, rub until the cream feels as though it has disappeared and you're away. When you wash your hands you will see all the dirt just run off. Just re-apply each time before you pick up pastels again.

Thanks Sheila. Barrier creams are often overlooked by a lot of people using all sorts of paint mediums including oil, acrylics and as here, pastels.

Even pencil work can eventually stain and ingrain your fingers so this is a really useful reminder.
Apart from discolouring your hands, the paint/pastel pigments can also dry out your fingers and cause painful cracks - ask anyone who works with cement for example - so any barrier cream is going to keep skin soft and flexible as well.

If you don't live in Oz to get the cream Sheila mentions, you'll almost certainly find something similar in your area.



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invisible glove
by: Kat

I use invisible glove to protect my hands from all oil pastels or oil or paint projects.

Similar product in the USA
by: SHY

We have what we call "Gloves in a Bottle" a shielding lotion that is 'like an invisible pair of gloves, skin care that works'. and for the UK


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