Fly Away

by Angeline Rijkeboer
(Blaricum, the Netherlands)

This is an acrylic painting, inspired by the artist M.C. Escher, who made beautiful geometrical dwawings. The size is 80 x 60 cm. The name of my painting is Fly Away.

With this painting I like to wish Bob and all the visitors of the Artblog a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY AND ARTISTIC 2008.

I hope we can continue exchanging our paintings, drawings and suggestions in the new year.

If you are interested in more of my paintings, I invite you to take a look at my own website:

Best wishes from the Netherlands.


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by: Mary

hi , while this is not a style that appeals to me I do appreciate your excellence .well done . Have a wonderful Christmas day . Mary

by: Dorothy , Carluke

Hi Angeline,

It took me a minute of two before I realised that the painting was a repeat of birds and I found it facinating.

I also paid a visit to you web site and found it really worth a look. Your paintings are so diverse.

Of course I don't read Dutch but I managed to navigate my way around it ok.

I must say I am not too keen on your 'scarf' on the photograph. Not keen on these creatures so I am full of admiration for you that you could allow the snake so close.

Best Wishaes for Christmas and the New Year


Fly Away
by: Angeline

Unfortunately on the photograph the wings of the birds look a little stained. The real painting is more monochrome.


fly away
by: Avra

yes, Well, The name says it all. Sorry

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